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pro motion includes different plugin interfaces that allow to create file input/output filters as well as to manipulate image data.

There is a simple DDE plugin interface that enables you to create your own manipulation plugins. It may also be used for file input/output, but there is a separate File plugin interface that does this job better for image and animation file handling because it integrates the file i/o plugins as if they where built in file types.

Available DDE plugins
When you want to add a plugin then unpack the corresponding zip file and place the executable file into the sub folder "plugins" where you installed pro motion.
Also be sure to update the file plugins.ini to have an entry for each plugin like

plugin1_name=Zoom and Rotate

with subsequent numbering at pluginX_.

Zoom and Rotate by Thom Thery lets you do high quality and pixel precise rotating and scaling.

Color Balance by Dennis Busch to apply color balancing changes.

Plugin Tester is a small test application that lets you try all the plugin commands that are available.

Available file i/o plugins
A Sample file i/o plugin that introduces the special file i/o plugin interface. It comes with full C++ source