You can test drive preview versions of an upcoming release.

Beta versions are solely for testing and experimental purposes. Do not use it for serious work because you may risk data loss due to program malfunction. If you want to use existing project files then please use duplicates and create regular copies. Despite of the end user license agreement you are using beta versions of that software on your own risk.

Beta versions are published to have users preview functions of upcoming releases. The user community can help to find bugs and glitches as well as send feedback about new functions and behavior. This information is used to improve the software in preparation of a public release.

Beta versions are published without thorough testing and can therefore have a higher risk to malfunction, such as:
– crashes, even leading to program termination
– data loss, e.g. when saving project files
– incompatibilities with publicly released versions (previous and future ones)
– general drawing and processing malfunctions that can not be made undone in the session

Documentation is typically not accurate.

The beta version stores its settings separated from public release versions so that they don’t interfere.

If you find any problems then please post them at the forum pages for “Beta version feedback”.
Thank you very much for your support!


Download the following package and unzip it into a folder of your choice.
Pro Motion NG beta, 2019-02-17

Directly execute the file pmotion.exe from within the contained folder.

Changes to 7.1.8

Functions added to the palette editor to remap colors to a given color selection.

Some Microsoft ransomware protection denies access to the user documents folder. If this is the case then a special message is shown.

Added new tile index display mode for tiles that use mirroring.

Fix: File I/O plugin behavior not as described in the docs.

Scale and pixel size options now offered on file export (image and animation).

Random playback option for AnimBrushes added.

Fix: Prevent shortcut execution when application is not fully loaded.

Fix: Leaving ‘pick stencil from canvas’ with line mode shortcut changes the line mode

Re-integrated the “Create from Undo Buffer” function that was available. Now called “”

Fix: When using two spin edit fields on the same dialog that have a track bar then an exception was sometimes raised when the dialog closes.

Fix: Pinned windows disappeared behind unpinned magnify windows (e.g. when using Alt key).

Swap Zoom Level now zooms at mouse position when switching to a larger zoom value and otherwise it centers the view position.

mouse wheel brush size change now uses one pixel steps.

Zoom function (e.g. magnify and mouse wheel zoom) now keep the pixel under cursor aligned.

Scrollbar handle sizes are made dynamic, depending on the canvas display contents in magnify and animation window.

Fix: GIFs having different transparent colors per frame ended up with a wrong overall transparent color after being loaded. Such animations are now set to be opaque.

Fix: E-key selection and undo did not work.

Re-included image file names per frame as it was in V6.5.

When using flip or sort functions in palette window and option “Apply color Movements to Pixels” is enabled then the pixels are remapped automatically.

Fix: After moving selected colors in the color palette a following sort operation is applied to the original selection not to the destination after move.

Fix: Pick up brush, turn single color, change color, resize –> first selected color was used again instead of the latest one.

Fix: When creating an alpha transparent project, color index 255 must be used as white and transparent.

Fix: Pattern drawing and stereo drawing must deny each other.

Paint mode toggle added. If you hit a paint mode shortcut twice then it toggles back to the previously selected paint mode.

Fix: frame resize dialog did not allow width/height below 4

Fix: In alpha plane only edit mode, transparency pickup with pipette did not work.

Fix: In alpha plane only edit mode, value replacement with pipette + undo did not work.

Right mouse button on tool icon now shows the corresponding tool settings.

Shortcut added to simulate right mouse button. For pen users it’s useful to hold a key (“P” by default) and draw to apply the second color while using the pen normally on the tablet.

When defining colors for a gradient, the color selection mode button was not down (initially it’s single color selection).

When adding colors to a gradient making it incompatible for color cycling, this option is silently deactivated instead of showing an error when you hit ok.

Add auto close option to freehand pickup.

Solo layer mode toggle. When holding Alt and clicking on the visibility icon (eye) of a layer then all other visible layers become invisible. Doing again will make them become visible again.
If the layer that was enabled for this solo mode is invisible at the time you hold Alt and click on it then it turns visible and doing it again will make it invisible again.

Added GIMP gpl palette file format support.

Fix: the animation preview window is considered optional, but there was a problem that when switched off and magnify window was enabled to display anim playback it still popped up. When the magnify window plays back then there is no need to auto pop up the animation window as well.

Added “Save Copy as” feature to project file menu. It just creates a detached copy for the current project. It leaves the project filename untouched and also does not reset the “unsaved changes flag”.

Fix: If you right clicked on a brush container already having a brush and cancelling after overwrite prompt an out of memory error appeared.

Fix: Cycling through brushes with shift + mouse wheel does not show brush when tile map project is used.

Mouse wheel now scrolls window contents that is under the cursor no matter if it’s focused or not, as long as it supports wheel scrolling.

Fix: Pipette did not switch back to previous tool when picking up transparency in alpha transparent project.

Redefinition of coordinate displays. The coordinate displays top left, center, bottom right showed the bounding rectangle and its center of the operation either of a single brush dot, line or rectangle etc. .
With single dots this is fine but not when drawing primitives. With these the display should display the brush grip position for the start and end of the drawing operation and the center of it.

Fix: sometimes an exception occurs when drawing a gradient direction line.

Add consistent filling with filled shape tools and real time preview. All fill tools have been reworked to show real time preview of gradient and brush filling. This is also supported with pattern drawing.
Some problems have been fixed along with the rework like
– can’t undo gradients drawn in selection mode
– fill mode “outline” not working with paint mode “selection”
– If paint mode selection is enabled and fill tool is used then the operation is not undoable
– Inline contour gradient direction inverted
– cancelling Fill shape during creation lead to non-undable operation

Use arbitrary grey scale image as halftone and transition patterns.
– pattern management system in paint mode setting and filled shape settings
– new pattern preview system in gradient editor

Fix: having all layers invisible and using canvas mover crashed.

Store animation as single image file export settings with project: folder, prefix, start index, file type are now stored with the project file.

Shortcut entries to switch halftone pattern slot (no shortcuts set by default).

Added new mouse wheel option to switch halftone slot.

Added new window arrangement option: “Set default layout”.

“Arrange Windows” function now arranges the windows based on their current position instead of always using a default layout. The user can roughly place the windows horizontally and vertically ordered an they are placed accordingly into to the three areas/lanes left, middle, right.

Fix: Holding flip frame keys (“1”, “2”) led to slow animation and frame switching lags.

Fix: Prev/next frame functions do not respect playback limit

Fix: Crash when setting a Lock grid dimension to 0.

Fix: Mirror and rotate always use latest pickup brush.

Fix: Pen opacity edit fields where not disabled for non alpha transparent projects.

Fix: Dark skin scrollbars stuck in place after arrange windows.

Fix: Tile set window placed on a second monitor displayed on the first monitor after new program start

Fix: Pen settings did not update usable options on project switch

Fix: Flicker in main window at startup.

Fix: Create project from clipboard led to wrong playback limit.

Fix: Random crash when closing project.

Fix: Frame resize with resample + undo led to wrong transparent colors.

Fix: Random crash when saving project with layer effects

Fix: Remapping colors should not change a transparent color.

Fix: When there is an open action in the palette window, moving the mouse outside now applies the operation

Fix: color selection rendered in alpha edit mode

Fix: ensure changes are always applied (leaving window, closing window, changing tab)

Store layer flattening options for image/animation file export with project so that there is no need to confirm them next time you save after reloading the project.

Added tool option to color picker to define if only the current layer should be used or all/current and below.

Added extra options for mouse wheel for Shift, Ctrl, Alt keys.

New layer effect “Re-apply Color Palette”. This enables you to apply other color palettes to existing pixels or shift color ranges to apply different color ramps.

Fix: hold E -> click without movement did not update selection mask rendering.

Fix: single pixel brush does not activate last used brush draw tool

Fix: rectangles did respect lock grid Keep Cell Boundaries option (which is now called “Inbound”).

Reworking grid settings and algorithms and introducing “inbound” option that creates objects within grid cells.

Extensive rework of the tile mapping engine. Most important changes:

  • with tile map projects transparent colors per layer are not useful and therefore not allowed anymore
  • tile map integrity check is now an official function, but only available by shortcut (Shift+Ctrl+i)
  • new workflow options for modifying tiles:
    • edit empty Tile: Allow new Tiles, Merge new Tiles, Reuse matching Tiles
    • edit present tile: Modify existing Tiles, Auto place matching Tiles, Duplicate & Modify Tiles
  • switching transparency mode alhpha vs. indexed now possible with tile map projects
  • the order of connected projects can now be changed with drag and drop.
  • if a project is saved having connected projects then they are saved as well if they have changes.
  • added tile set display settings dialog in the tile set window. There you can define a fixed number of tiles to be displayed per row as well as the marks for empty and duplicate tiles.
  • context popup functions in tile set window: Insert Duplicate, Join Duplicates
  • new tile set import features incl. append, overwrite and color handling options
  • improved export features for tile set and tile map data
  • flattening FX and layer merge now allowed for tile mapping projects. Requires sync mode to be off.
  • tile set windo completely reworked to support selection display, better drag/drop, delete/insert shortcuts, better scaling etc. .
  • tile index display has now differnt options which will also color indices based on the selected display mode, e.g. tiles selected as brush are emphasized, duplicates etc.
  • tile drawing is automatically updated over tiles incl. merging as the seamles pattern drawing does
  • in pick/place mode the brush coordinates now use tile coordinates
  • allowing color movement and remapping with tile mapping sync mode disabled
  • cycle tiles by mouse wheel (see “control” section in paint & tool settings dialog)
  • improved connected projects management
  • remove duplicate and unused colors now available with tile maps
  • single image layers can now be used as tile maps
  • tools like filed shapes or fill now automatically place aligned tiles when using “Pick/Place” mode
  • info displays (tile coordinates, in-tile position, mirror options…)
  • fixed a couple of problems with undo/redo