You can test drive preview versions of an upcoming release.

Beta versions are solely for testing and experimental purposes. Do not use it for serious work because you may risk data loss due to program malfunction. If you want to use existing project files then please use duplicates and create regular copies. Despite of the end user license agreement you are using beta versions of that software on your own risk.

Beta versions are published to have users preview functions of upcoming releases. The user community can help to find bugs and glitches as well as send feedback about new functions and behavior. This information is used to improve the software in preparation of a public release.

Beta versions are published without thorough testing and can therefore have a higher risk to malfunction, such as:
– crashes, even leading to program termination
– data loss, e.g. when saving project files
– incompatibilities with publicly released versions (previous and future ones)
– general drawing and processing malfunctions that can not be made undone in the session

Documentation is typically not accurate.

The beta version stores its settings separated from public release versions so that they don’t interfere.

If you find any problems then please post them at the forum pages for “Beta version feedback”.
Thank you very much for your support!


There are no beta versions at the moment.