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Pro Motion NG – V8 released!

Pro Motion NG – V8 is released.

Major features

  • all tools have been revamped and enhanced for easier and more consistent use
  • selection tool set including multi layer/multi frame move, copy & paste
  • transformation of selections and brushes like free, rotate, scale, skew, also multi layer/multi frame
  • linear and perspective transform rendering with quality optimizations
  • layer groups
  • symmetry options now available with all tools
  • extended edit mode for rectangles/ellipses for rotation and easier placement
  • even line stepping as part of isometric lock options
  • transparent canvas to display any graphic source behind the application and draw on it (e.g. for rotoscoping)
  • improved keyboard shortcut handling (conflict checks, keys for pipette/move tool now modifiable)
  • multiple window layout definitions
  • DPI aware UI

And hundreds of other functional improvements.

Upgrade is free for all NG users: Download latest version

To celebrate this, there is a discount of 50%: Buy now