Changes with 7.1.8

Mac OS and Linux version based on Wine including a couple of compatibility changes that where required to be more compatible with Wine.

New import functions for colors. Theer is now an extended dialog when using Coors/Import from Brush to place and arrange colors to be imported from Brush to the current project.

Tweaks: Removed some warning dialogs. Upated Tips. “Help/Support” menu entry. Changed UI fonts.

Dark Skin now available for Free Edition.

Plugins now available for Free Edition.

Fix: Smear paint mode placed wrong pixels when doing multiple strokes.

Fix: Different improvements concerning pinned Windows.

Fix: Random crashes when switching to full screen mode.

Fix: Crash when using the fill tool off the canvas in tile map editing.

Fix: Crash with “edit alpha only”. Sometimes there was a crash with alpha transparent projects when switch on alpha plane edit mode.

Fix: Shortcut for real time dither/halftone did not work anymore.

Fix: Single image layer erased when defining number of animation frames.

Tweak: In palette window keep selection when switching edit areas.

Fix: Default selection mode in the color palette editor not correctly preselected.

Quick ramp key “R” in color palette window now creates vertical ramps, too.

Fix: Using lines and curves for 3d stereo no longer worked with 3D offsets changes.

Fix: The fill tool did not fill with a dither pattern when dither was enabled.

Changes with 7.1.7

Fix: AnimBrush playback skipped frames with continuous drawing and placing single dots

Fix: Initial AnimBrush pick up creates empty 1×1 brush if tablet is connected

Fix: Multi layer image/animation not preserving transparency correctly when storing as GIF/PNG

Fix: Grip position not reset when standard brush tip is set by brush tip size change (slider or edit field)

Fix: License holder name displayed wrong with UTF-8 characters

Fix: The automatic horizontal or vertical lock that is enabled when holding Shift sometimes drew the first dot not precisely but for one pixel aside.

Fix: Rotating a standard brush was not possible. It reverted to the latest picked up brush and rotated this one.

Fix: Using Shift + S when brush is on canvas it was stored with the image.

Fix: Phantom pixels appearing on the canvas occasionally.
– loading an image with keyboard shortcuts
– switching between file browser and PM with Alt-Tab and loading a project from the file explorer with double click
– when closing a project with Alt + F4

Fix: When the current layer transparent color was selected as foreground and background color and picking up a portion as brush then selecting a standard brush led to a fully transparent one which was not usable.

Fix: Restore brush function (Shift + B) did not rewind an AnimBrush to its first frame.

Fix: Error in tile palette window when switching between tile map projects and normal projects.

Fix: There where different regular internal errors on some systems. Fixed based on user feedback.

Fix: When all layers are turned into single image layers and then deleting a layer raised an internal error.

Fix: It was possible to create a project with more than 32768 pixels width leading to program faults.

Fix: Random crash when using brush size slider and closing program.

Fix: When using the transparency edit field in the layer window, then the edit field was always reactivated when you re-enter the window, even if you olny click on a layer. When using keys 1/2 to switch frames you accidentally changed the opacity value then.
Additionally it was possible to enter huge numbers leading to a failure.

Fix: If layers window and brush container where not visible and window rearrange function was used then an error occurred.

Changes with 7.1.6

Raised the 2GB memory limit to 4GB.

Fix: Mouse pointer icon not always immediately changing when using keyboard shortcuts to switch tool.

Fix: Remove alpha plane made layers opaque.

Fix: Filled polygon with auto close did not fill bottom and right edges.

Tweak: Inconsistent insertion behavior for color slots and auto slots in gradient editor. Now the slot that was used before the insertion is always active after insertion.

Fix: Color palette select single colors incorrect tool tip.

Tweak: Canvas drawing operations are now refused on invisible layers.

Fix: When tool settings change the tool window was activated leading to some flickering.

Fix: Random crash when closing last project.

Changes with 7.1.5

New Option in timeline to switch to the frame where the playback was stopped

Some magnify window options enabled by default: Show Animation Playback, Pan around Canvas.

Always apply animation playback in preview window even if playback in magnify window is enabled as well.

Fix: Storing file associations not working on some systems. An error message occurred.

Fix: Symmetry sometimes not working correctly when drawing fast strokes.

Fix: Light table settings crashing under Win7 with dark UI

Changes with 7.1.4

Fix: Mouse wheel brush size change restored last picked up brush although a round brush was selected before.

Fix: Pipette tool left temporary line on canvas when after using the line tool.

Fix: Loading true color image and reducing colors not functioning when you use “current palette” option.

Fix: Brush size slider suddenly disappeared when sliding.

Fix: Moving colors in the palette editor not working with tile map projects if sync mode is off.

Changes with 7.1.3

Fix: If the tile library window is on second monitor all dialogs opened there as well.

Fix: Creation of project from a frame stored in the clipboard selected wrong transparent color with alpha transparent image data.

Changes with tile map engine
– Added warning if more than 200 tiles are created at once with modify/create tile map edit mode.
– When using the tile pick/place mode then the paint mode replace is activated because replacing the bitmap data by the brush pixels is required. But instead of switching to this paint mode it is used internally now to prevent confusion.
– Added tile index and orientation info to the information panel
– Shortcut to switch between tile map modes (create/place tiles)
– Duplicate mode now also works in modify/create tile map edit mode
– In modify/create tile map edit mode drawing on empty tiles now always creates new ones and does not use tiles already present in the library
– Fix: Tile mirroring options where ignored when creating a new tile project
– Option that shows number of tiles in tile map project on the canvas
– Fix: Tile library window did not show all tiles vertically. Some at the end might have been cut off in certain situations
– Added option to the tile library window to toggle if picking up a tile from the library should activate the pick/place mode
– Tile mapping duplicate and sync option now available in the keyboard shortcut prefs
– Tile drawing limit. Hold “I” to enter tile selection tool. This will select a tile area with LMB and unselect with RMB.
– Store tile library window open state
– Allow saving tile map project with sync mode off
– No automatic switch to “Pick/Place Tiles” or “Modify/Create” after brush pickup anymore
– Pick up single tile with a single click when using Pick/Place Tiles mode on a tile map project
– Ensure drawing grid to be visible when creating a new tile map project.
– Allowing to cut tiles with right mouse button brush pick up

Fix: Creating a bitmap font project does not work

Fix: Delta keys not working with drawing lines and curves stereo drawing

Fix: Slow or no brush re-display on Win10 fall creators update when switching frames. MS seemed to have changed mouse refresh functions.

Fix: Startup speed improvements. Especially Win 10 Fall Creators update has some slower gfx functions. Workaround was added.

Fix: Quantization settings where ignored when loading animation from single images.

Fix: Onion Skinning not showing next frames as expected when using “Key Frames only” if there was no previous key frame as well.

Tweak: Mousewheel control “switch frames” now cycles instead of stopping at the and or the start of the animation.

Changes with 7.1.2

Tweak: In palette editor the option “Apply Color Movement to Pixels” now is not used when using the copy mode. Because when copying colors the pixels should still use the original and not the copy.

Fix: Palette issues after compacting unused or duplicate colors with tile map projects.

Fix: Tile Map projects and moving/remapping colors in the palette caused problems because the tile library data was not updated.

Fix: When saving a tile map project with the last tile being an empty duplicate of the 0-tile then crashes appear after reload.

Tweak: If a tile turns empty then the tile map entry was not reset to be the zero tile which required to use “optimize” to get rid of those empty tiles. Now if a tile turns empty then it is replaced by the zero-tile in the tile map.

Fix: Crash when undoing right after creating a new tilemap project.

Fix: On some systems there’s a crash on startup due to a incompatible wintab32.dll.

Fix: Cannot move around the canvas anymore with cursor keys when drawing.

Changes with 7.1.1

There are a lot of changes and fixes. Too much to list all in very detail. Here is an excerpt.

Fix: Symmetry center coordinates inverted with Multi Dot Mirror/Cycle

Fix: Crash when turning single animation layer into single image (global color palette disabled)

Fix: When having Tile Mapping Sync mode off you can accidentally close project with unsaved changes

New Timeline with selection drag & drop etc. .

Fix: Polyline tool did not automatically finish when first dot was hit

Added auto-close option to filled polygon / contour tool.

Double size option to increase size of mouse cursors.

Fix: Text brush creation preview not working when using background color

Allow palette ramps with rectangular color selection in color palette editor. This way also vertical gradients can be created.

New option at palette editor to auto commit color movement.

Fix: Circle with N dots and AnimPainting not working with small circles.

Fix: Busy-cursor after brush rotate.

Fix: N-dots circle not working correctly. With higher N-values the where not placed correctly along the circle outline.

Brightness calculation for sorting and gray scale conversion improvement to better match the perceived brightness of a color.

Remap frames to gradient.

Fix: Layer effect “display other project” did not relocate projects when moved

New window to host different settings for quick access: tool options, paint mode and dither settings, lock grid, symmetry, pen pressure settings

Some quick indicicons moved form main window to layers (spare frame, alpha mode…)

Dark UI skin.

Layer blend modes + opacity at layers window.

Tweak: Layer lock icon is now a button to toggle directly at the layer

New color constraints engine to support error detection for legit hardware systems.

Option to use HSL color scheme instead of HSB.

Color palette generation tool to create colored ramps.

New project creation workflows with preset management.

Fix: Brush resize sometimes not working as well as Shear/Bend

Fix: Picked up brush is not restored when you select a standard brush tip and use Shift + B afterwards

Paint mode values (% scales) can now be edited directly at the color selector area.

Brush tip setting moved to color selectors area.

Transparency mode selection for brush pickup.

Color contrast algorithm in the palette editor renewed to have better results.

Changes with 7.0.10

Fix: New installer software because the previous one did not install if you have more that 2TB free space on the traget drive.

Fix: Hex-Edit in palette window was not usable with “c” because it executed the shortcut of quick copy instead of typing a “c”

Fix: Sometimes the brush did not paint or even a crash appears. It was connected to disabling pen pressure brush size option.

Tweak: Added shortcut settings to clear and invert stencil

Fix: Shift + mouse move did not always lock the correct movement direction.

Changes with 7.0.9

Fix: When there is no gradient that is active for color cycling then animation/create from color cycling crashed.

Fix: Mouse wheel didn’t scroll tile library when the tile library window was over brush container or layers list windows.

Fix: Crash when invoking ‘Print…’ from menu without any open project.

Tweak: Gradient reordering via drag & drop. Resizeable gradient list windows. Speed improvements concerning gradient list display when switching projects.

Fix: When using pipette tool with double click on the canvas then the color change requester opens. After that, using a drawing tool immediately used it actively on the canvas as if the mouse button was pressed.

Fix: AnimBrush “rewind after drawing” option was not working correctly. The rewind was also done if deactivated.

Fix: Curve tool did not work correctly with AnimBrush.

Fix: Crash when undoing the creation of a 3D animation on a new project with single frame.

Fix: Project files could not be loaded that had a mask and where resized before being stored. The mask was saved with a wrong size sometimes leading to weird effects when loading again.

Fix: Slow mouse wheel scrolling in select gradient window and gradient management.

Tweak: Allow closing a project when animation/color cycling is still running.

Fix: Temporary ‘Move canvas’ tool did not deactivate in full screen mode when releasing space bar.

Fix: Copy/Paste multiple frames dialog allowed to enter “0” for frame numbers leading to an error.

Menu entry File/Animation/Append Image… removed because File/Animation/Import Image… does the job.

Fix: Second tile map layer destroyed tiles if the first layer was not empty when adding a new layer

Changes with

Fix: Crash when loading a tile map project with multiple layers.

Changes with 7.0.8

Tweak: The “New Project” dialog should enable transparent project by default.

Fix: Store/reload ‘Allow Display Below 1:1’ tickbox setting for full screen mode.

Tweak: If a layer has a transparent color then “clear” should use that transparent color instead of the current 2nd color.

Tweak: Store selected layer index with project and activate on reload.

Tweak: Earlier close with polygon tools. Polygon (brush pickup or draw tool) automatically closes when setting a dot 3 pixels near to the starting point.

Fix: Tile mapping “Remove duplicate Tiles” menu entry was not disabled in non-tilemap projects.

Tweak: adding trackbar editor to several number edit fields.

Fix: Harmless ‘External error’ on startup on some systems when using the Free Edition.

Tweak: Do not allow lock grid and symmetry enabled because this does not make sense and also is not always working.

Feature: Support for drawing tablets. There are pen options to use pressure for:

  • Brush tip size
  • Brush scaling
  • Real time dithering
  • Gradient with dithering
  • Paint mode scale for Brighten, Translucent, Saturation, Hue, Shade, Multi Shade and Halftone
  • AnimBrush frame switch
  • Alpha transparency (opacity value)

The eraser can be used as well for second color/inverse operations or erase.

Feature: Allow for circles with even width and height pixel size for non-centered circle drawing.

Tweak: Centered brush grip is now pixel perfect for brushes with even width or height. Before the brush was half pixel out of center.

Fix: Right click on empty tile areas in the tile library lead to an internal error.

Fix: Error at startup with CrossOver 16.1

Fix: Crash when using tile duplicate mode when placing tiles and using undo later on.

Changes with 7.0.7

Fix: Brush pickup tools did not contain the subsymbol that indicates a tool group.

Fix: Light table did not work in full screen mode

Fix: Color slot shows transparency pattern even if the current layer has a different transparent color.

Fix: Shortcut “D” did not activate Continuous Drawing when “cycle grouped tools…” in the prefs was switched off.

Fix: Crash in tile library palette window if there are duplicated tiles and the window has a certain size.

Tweak: Stay on selected palette editor page when picking up color.

Fix: Double click on empty tile (dashed area) in tile library leads to an error

Fix: Crash when creating first project from clipboard data.

Fix: True color sprite sheet saves wrong when having more than one row.

Fix: Flatten to background option could not be removed when storing as single layer and display of background color was switched off. Example: You had set up displaying a background color on the layer stack. You save the file as sprite sheet (e.g. PNG) and select “flatten to background color”. Then you switch off the background color in the layer stack and save again (even with “save as”). Still the background color is used silently instead of creating a transparent image.

Changes with 7.0.6

Fix: Symmetry drawing caused brush artifacts left on the canvase when used with pattern drawing.

Fix: Remap brush to gradient sometimes introduced wrong transparency to the brush.

Tweak: when using “paste” (Ctrl + C/V) in palette editor then switch cursor to “ok”-shape

Tweak: Shortcuts for animation playback can toggle playback and stop now.

Tweak: Automatically switching to ‘Edit Stencil Mask’ when invoking ‘Quick selection’ (E) and reselect previously active area when leaving quick selection

Fix: Undo was not working AnimPainting (hold ALT and draw).

Fix: When using “keep cell boundaries” on a grid that is not aligned to 0x0 but e.g. 5×5 then drawing a line from lower right to top left snapped to wrong positions.

Tweak: “tile palette” for tile map projects consequently renamed to be “tile library”

‘Layer modification settings’ of menu Layers removed. In the scroll submenu you can now decide which layers to scroll. The operation of “Flip” of menu “Frame” was replaced by the operation from “Flip Frames…” of menu “Animation”. So there will open a requester asking for frame range and layer settings now.

Fix: There was a slight brush distorted when creating 3D animations.

Fix: When switching from two displays back to one from time to time then some dialogs have been displayed outside the visible area.

Tweak: Tile library window now has a vertical scrollbar only and supports mouse wheel and auto track.

Tweak: Tile mapping settings window is now resizeable

Fix: Tile zoom window hides behind tile library window when opening and closing a modal dialog.

Fix: Brush container did not work correctly with saved window positon (alternative).

Fix: Top level windows have been still weird when switching between applications.

Fix: Crash with vertical line contour gradient on small areas.

Fix: Layer effect “display other project” crashed when using current project.

Fix: File drag drop not working when splash screen is switched off.

Tabs are now used in the brush container to select between global and project brush container.

Tabs are now used in the palette window to select between color selection and extended edit modes.

Added new “Inline Contour Gradient” fill mode. It fills the shape with colors of the gradient from outside in.

Changes with 7.0.5

Paint mode “shade” has been slowed down to only apply a single shade step until the mouse button is released. Re-factoring of the brush container:

  • dynamically add slots without having a full set predefined
  • selection of multiple slots + drag/drop, copy, paste, delete…
  • background definition
  • slot size definition
  • auto slot alignment to have only a vertical scrollbar for faster navigation
  • auto zoom
  • animated brush indicator

Decoupled lock grid and symmetry settings to have separate tool box icons and settings dialog.

Added X- and Y-Mirroring to the symmetry tool.

Lock grid can now display the corresponding grid lines by option.

Toggle for symmetry mode so that symmetry can lie between 2 pixels.

Fix: mirror settings not working when creating tile map from image.

Undo for frame speed settings.

Fix: Create animation (3D) did not work with alpha transparent brushes.

Fix: Strange behavior of paint mode settings edit fields when entering numbers.

Palette editor changes:

  • improved palette entry selection/move with single entries
  • enabled color ramp in single color selection mode
  • new selection visualization
  • when moving colors then the corresponding pixels are moved too by option which
  • instead of auto-cancel do auto-ok when an operation is in progress and the mouse leaves the window is a better approach than the auto remap option

Fix: Crash when File / Load Animation… with certain avi files.

Letting the main tool key only cycle through tools that have no shortcut defined.

Fix: Fix Background stored the visible brush when using keyboard shortcut.

Moved File/Recent Files menu below File/Project Settings

Fix: CTRL based shortcuts sometimes leave the pipette active.

Changes with 7.0.4

Tweak: Improved filter with keyboard settings to also search for keys like “Ctrl + A”.

Update information feature.

Tweak: Left click on selected tool brings settings window on top. Useful for when using pinned windows.

Keyboard shortcut settings have been moved to a separate (larger) settings dialog.

Switch to display or hide light table layers in magnify and animation window separately.

Tool cycling (e.g. “B” for brush pickup tools or “V” for lines) can now be disabled in the preferences.

Fix: Changes in connected tile map projects did not trigger the “unsaved changes” flag which led to inconsistent tile data.

You can now define a shortcut for every single line tool.

Tweak: User folder is used as initial default for save/load dialog instead of the app folder.

Fix: Symmetry “place center” function not correctly working with tile maps.

Tweak: Symmetry center is now project center by default.

Tweak: Save scroll frame settings for next restart (menu Frame/Scroll/Scroll current Frame only).

Fix: Crash when enabling sync mode (tile mapping).

Fix: Crash when using paste frame(s) function with position offset.

Changes with

Fix: Adding layer not working with tile map projects.

Changes with 7.0.3

Tweak: Improving quick mask/stencil selection (E key) to also work on empty mask/stencil when using right mouse button to remove selection area or stencil mask colors.

Fix: Crash when creating a tile map project from an image with alpha plane and using tile map data export function.

Fix: Spare frame is enabled with new projects although being empty.

Feature: Layer effects are now availabe for free edition.

Feature: Layer effect “Display other project” was extended to repeat the project frame horizontally and/or vertically to apply endless tiling. See effect settings.

Feature: Layer effect “Display other project” was extended to have a dynamic x/y offset depending on the frame index displayed for the master project. This way you can apply automatic scrolling of external project display while animating the master project. This can be used for (e.g.) parallax effects like this where every parallax level is a separate project displayed with a master project’s layer:

See effect settings.

Fix: Layer flattening on file export glitched under certain conditions leading to missing image data.

Feature: Quick operations (copy, swap, ramp) for RGB/HSB tab added in palette editor:

Fix: Playback buttons did not allow switching between play modes directly without hitting stop before.

Fix: Single image layer disabled for tile map projects because it is not supported yet and leads to bad side effects.

Fix: “Layer effect “Display other project”‘s “on top” setting did not work correctly.

Fix: Animation Window not updated in full-screen view.

Feature: Modify color channel bit depth now undoable. Changes can now also be applied without changing channel bit values to re-format a palette that has been loaded into the project.

Fix: Lock grid height could not be set to “1” anymore.

Fix: Crash when using “duplicate layer” function on a tile map project layer.

Feature: It is now possible to have both PM NG and PM 6.5 open at the same time.

Fix: Single image layers have been cleared when inserting or copying frames.

Fix: Crash on exit happening sometimes on CrossOver (Mac)

Tweak: Automatic activation of web color edit in onscreen palette is now an option.

Tweak: Added default keyboard shortcuts for colour reduction functions (menu Colors).

Major changes from 6.5 to Release 7.0.2

(Only major changes are mentioned. Please check the Free Edition to play with Pro Motion NG when you are used to V6.5 yet. It will give you a better impression about the changes.)

All new layer engine with lock layer, merging, layer effects (stoke, display other project), duplicate etc.

Key frame settings (color/title).

New light table system.

New gradient engine including auto slots.

Pixel perfect drawing to remove smeared pixels/jaggies when drawing freehand with single pixel brush.

Redone Copy/Paste of multiple frames.

Improved edge line displays/cross hairs for canvas tools like brush pickup, filed polygon etc.

Support of Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V in palette editor (RGB/HSB views).

Option to have a pan around the canvas to be able to move corners to the middle of the window.

New color edit dialog with color preset slots.

Sterero drawing (experimental).

Free Edition with some features switched off.

Lots of UI changes incl. better Windows 10 compatibility.

Lots of smaller tweaks and fixes.