Special Game Development Tools


General Drawing Aids

Brush Tools


Color Tools

  • Define colors in RGB/RYB/HSB/HSL/LCh-color sheme
  • Web color value editing
  • Import 24bit graphics with automatic color reduction
  • Floating color palette for fast selection and modification
  • Create smooth color ramps
  • Use gradients to fill objects with different color shades (linear, contour, radial...)
  • Create images containing palette based color cycling
  • Sort palette by hue, saturation, brightness or color
  • Copy to ranges of colors from one table to another
  • Color reduction with optimized or custom color palettes including dithering for best image quality
  • Automatically remove unused or duplicate palette colors
  • Import color palettes from image files
  • Ordered and random dithering
  • Use local (frame dependend) or global color palettes
  • load/save palette data
  • modify contrast, saturation and brightness of a range of palette colors

Supported File Types

  • Compuserver GIF89a (.gif)
  • Deluxe Paint image (.lbm)
  • Dr.Halo CUT (*.cut)
  • Amiga Interchange File Format (.iff) / with Anim5 support
  • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • PC Paintbrush (.pcx)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)
  • Tagged Image (.tga)
  • Autodesk Flic (.fli/flc)
  • Windows AVI (.avi)
  • Sprites (.spr)
  • Windows Icon (.ico)
  • Windows animated Cursors (.ani)
  • Gameboy Cel File (.cel)