Pro Motion NG is a drawing software to quickly create pixel precise images, animations, sprites, tiles and level maps as used in games.
It is ideal for artists working on detailed graphics as required for mobile systems like smart phones or handheld video game devices such as Nintendo DS or Sony PS Vita. It also suites well to create light weight graphics for the web or web based applications and games.

Use it as sprite, bitmap or tile map editor with common game creation engines or frameworks of your choice like Unity, Game Maker, Havok, App Game Kit, Marmalade, Unity, Clickteam Fusion and many more.

With Pro Motion NG there is also a feature limited Free Edition that can be used free of charge.
Differences between the Free and the Full Edition of Pro Motion NG

  • Animation & Image Layers

  • Color Gradients + Auto Dithering

  • Tile Map Editor

  • Onion Skinning

  • Advanced Color Palette Editor

  • Tile / Pattern Drawing

  • Automatic Symmetry Drawing

  • Alpha and simple Transparency

  • Create and use Bitmap Fonts

Key features

Comparison between the free edition and the full version

Feature Free Full
Create pixel art images and animations with a professional tool set    
Use pen pressure sensitivity for brush sizes, dithering, shading and more    
Full featured selections tool set including transformations copy/paste, multi layer, multi frame    
Use image or animation portions as brush    
Seamless tiled pattern drawing    
Load/save Sprite Sheets    
Symmetry drawing (mirror, multi dot)    
Tile map editor to create tile sets for games    
Full featured color palette editor (copy, move, ramp, harmonies, color wheels…)    
Create and use bitmap fonts    
Pixel ratio (e.g. 2×1)    
Brush container to organize brushes and animation snippets    
Use dark user interface skin    
High DPI user interface    
Layer groups  
Free transformation of selection and brushes (linear, perspective)  
Transformation quality options (Scale3x/RotSprite, bilinear filtering)  
Line angle lock for evenly segmented lines  
Pixel perfect drawing  
Full screen mode  
Light table onion skinning to ease animating  
More than four graphic layers  
Formula paint mode to extend realtime drawing effects  
Multi layer brush grab  
Load/save images as animation  
Realtime halftone drawing  
Key frame settings for navigation and onion skinning  
More brush container slots  
Auto backup feature  
More pattern drawing rows/columns  
Multi shade paint mode  
Anti aliasing  
Extended shape edit mode to rotate ellipses or rectangles  
Layer extra functions like locking and layer effects (drop shadow, stroke…)  
Scale options on file export (image and animation)  
Create animation from modification history  
More than four projects can be opened at a time