What is Pro Motion?

Pro Motion is a drawing and animation package for bitmap based graphics. You can use it to create game graphics optimized for handhelds, animated GIFs, icons, comics, logos, still images or clip-arts as well as for creating graphics for your web-pages.

It is especially useful for creating game graphics and level maps or to light weight bitmaps for Flash, Silverlight or HTML5 based multimedia.
The wide range of powerful functions and tools will help you to create high quality animations in short time.
Pro Motion focuses on drawing graphics at pixel level and is optimized for work flows in that type of graphic creation.

Professional artists will find useful tools like layering or onion skinning to create smooth animations or to work with multi layer graphics.
You can bring your ideas down to sketches easily. Pro Motion was designed similar to the legendary Deluxe Paint which became very popular on the Amiga computer systems.

Numerous supported file types will help you to work hand in hand with other graphics software.

To give you a basic overview, here are some features:

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