Monthly Archive: September 2019

7.2.2 available

Major Changes
You can now define a frame range when exporting animation data.

Layer based selections:
Ctrl +… selection actions for layers when clicking on eye-icon
no other modifier key = set
Shift = add
Alt = subtract
Shift + Alt = logical “and”
Right Mouse button = remove selection

Single color editor reworked:
– RGB square, RGB/RYB/LCh color wheels and edits
– Color harmonies and scales
– individual scale editor to easily create color ramps
– screen color picker

Reworked color sort functions
– made color sort functions to be always available with any selection
– sort from bright to dark
– use multiple sort levels where useful
– let transparent color be untouched when sorting colors

Color palette handling, paint modes, color matching algorithms reworked and glitches removed
– using CIE LAB color remapping
– paint modes used transparent color index if it’s best matching to the color to find (fixed)
– transparent color problem with multi layer merges (fixed)

See all changes and fixes here: official change log

Now in the make (already since a couple of weeks):
Standard floating selection tool set including move/rotate/scale/free transform/copy & paste.

See all changes in the changelog.