General Archive available

Fix: “Paste” menu entry in color palette window sometimes disabled even if there is paste-able data in the clipboard

Fix: Merging two layers on the layer stack not working. Contents of lower frame where removed.

Fix: Color remapping creates wrong colors when importing from true color (e.g. load true color images or paste from clipboard).

7.2.2 available

Major Changes
You can now define a frame range when exporting animation data.

Layer based selections:
Ctrl +… selection actions for layers when clicking on eye-icon
no other modifier key = set
Shift = add
Alt = subtract
Shift + Alt = logical “and”
Right Mouse button = remove selection

Single color editor reworked:
– RGB square, RGB/RYB/LCh color wheels and edits
– Color harmonies and scales
– individual scale editor to easily create color ramps
– screen color picker

Reworked color sort functions
– made color sort functions to be always available with any selection
– sort from bright to dark
– use multiple sort levels where useful
– let transparent color be untouched when sorting colors

Color palette handling, paint modes, color matching algorithms reworked and glitches removed
– using CIE LAB color remapping
– paint modes used transparent color index if it’s best matching to the color to find (fixed)
– transparent color problem with multi layer merges (fixed)

See all changes and fixes here: official change log

Now in the make (already since a couple of weeks):
Standard floating selection tool set including move/rotate/scale/free transform/copy & paste.

See all changes in the changelog.

Beta version available

Try the beta version available here:
Contains lots of improvements for color management and color editing as well es fixes.

7.2.0 available

A new version is available for download with lots of new features and fixes. You will find enhanced tile mapping features, halftone and transition patterns and lost of other improvements. Update is free!

See all changes in the changelog.

Pro Motion 7.1.8 available

A new version is available for download with a couple fixes and some new features. Also there is a Mac OS/Linux package now based on the well known Wine wrapper.

See all changes in the changelog.

New tutorial video series

Don’t miss the first of a series of tutorials covering animations:

More is to come soon.

Pro Motion 7.1.3 available

A new version is available for download.

Most changes apply to the tile map engine which is currently improved.

See all changes in the changelog.

Pro Motion NG 7.1 available

Version 7.1 is available. Please see changelog for details.

Tons of new features have been added such as:

There are a lot of changes and fixes. Too much to list all in very detail. Here is an excerpt.

New Timeline with selection drag & drop etc. .

New window to host different settings for quick access: tool options, paint mode and dither settings, lock grid, symmetry, pen pressure settings

Dark UI skin.

Layer blend modes + opacity at layers window.

New color constraints engine to support error detection for legit hardware systems.

Option to use HSL color scheme instead of HSB.

New project creation workflows with preset management.

And a lot more…