Resize Image/Animation

Maintain Aspect Ratio keeps the width/height proportion. When changing width or height the other value is modified based on the aspect ratio.

New Width and New Height define the dimensions the new frame size in pixels and percent.

Use the Adjust... button to apply different adjustments the size values. The "...selected" entries will apply the operation to the dimension where the corresponding input fields have the focus. This way you can quickly apply common actions like double, triple or halve.

Scale image offers different scaling options. The resample options use bicubic sampling. When using resampling you may enable dithering to increase virtual color depth.

Reposition resizes the project and the nine position buttons may be used to align the image before it is clipped.

Resizing tile map projects

When resizing a tile map project then the width and height values define the size in tiles not in pixels. Tile maps can not be scaled. Size change always repositions the current tile map contents.

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Last modified: 29 January 2023