AnimStrip/Sprite Sheet layout

Normally an animation is saved using a special file type that actually supports multiple frames.
Additionally it is useful to have all animation frames put together into a single image file as animation strip. To save an animation as such an image file you just have to select the file type AnimStrip (BMP or PNG) from within the "Save Animation as..." dialog.
Then you may select the number of frames that are stored vertically:

The number of frames of the animation must be a multiple of the number of rows you select. This is needed to completely fill the image with frames.

You have an animation of 15 frames then you may select
1 row = 15 frames in a single row
3 rows= 3 rows with 5 frames each
5 rows= 5 rows with three frames each. MenuSelection.htm

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Last modified: 04 July 2020