Getting started

The online help was made to be a short but detailed reference. To better find help on a certain topic please use the index and the full text search!

To get started as fast as possible please check out:

1. Have a look at the screen elements of the main window.

2. Be sure to watch tutorial videos to get some basics before you start.

3. Examine the shortcuts to have an overview of the most important functions.

4. You can get context-sensitive help for each active window by pressing F1.

5. The status bar at the bottom of the main window will contain hints and descriptions on how to use active functions or tools.

6. Experiment and check out the menus and their functions.

7. Use the search function of the menu Help. The keyword index shows only the most important keywords. If you want to search for special information use the free search.

8. Have a look at the Preferences (menu File). There you can set a lot of options to change the behavior of Pro Motion NG.

9. Some technical information can be found here.

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Last modified: 29 January 2023