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This menu contains kind of global editing functions.


Makes drawing operations to be undone. All modifications applied to bitmaps or color palettes are store in a history and can be made undone.


Applies the operation again that was removed with Undo.


Will copy the contents of the currently selected pixels to the clipboard.
If you have multiple selected layers then all the respective layers are places into the clipboard.
Same goes for multiple frames selected on the timeline.

Copy merged

Does the same as Copy but if multiple frames are selected then they are merged into a single layer.


Same as Copy but the pixels are cut off.

Cut merged

Does the same as Copy merged but the pixels are cut off.


Will paste the clipboard contents to the current position. If you paste to the same project then the layer structure is preserved so that pixels taken from layers are pasted to the same layers. If multiple frames are in the clipboard then they are pasted consecutively to frames starting with the current frame.

Paste to new Layer(s)

Same as Paste but it always creates new layers and pastes the clipboard contents there.

Copy Brush

Copies current brush to clipboard.

Paste to Brush

Reads data from the clipboard and uses this as brush. Use Remap Colors or Get Palette from Brush from the menu Colors if the color palettes of brush and current image are different.

Transform (submenu)

Contains different transformation functions that can be applied to a selection on the canvas. If no selection is there all opaque pixels will be selected automatically. The transformation is applied to all selected layers and frames. Rotate, Scale and Skew will limit the transformation to only apply the respective sub functions.

Flip (submenu)

Will flip the selection, floating selection, transformation or everything that is on the canvas to either Horizontal or Vertical direction.

Rotate (submenu)

Will rotate the selection, floating selection, transformation or everything that is on the canvas by the respective degrees 90° CCW (counter clock wise), 90° CW (clock wise) or 180°.

Scroll (submenu)

Will scroll the contents of a rectangular selection or everything that is on the canvas pixel wise into one of the four directions Left, Right, Up or Down.
Pixels that move out of range are reintroduced on the opposite edge.

Empty Clipboard

Erases all data that is stored in the clipboard and frees the associated memory.

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Last modified: 29 January 2023