Menu Brush

This menu includes lots of functions that can be applied to a brush such as manipulation tools or load/save for single image and AnimBrushes.


This restores the last created custom brush, e.g. by using a brush grab tool or picking a brush from the brush container


Activates the brush resize tool where you can stretch the current brush:
1. Click on the canvas to start stretching.
2. Hold the mouse button and move the mouse to resize the brush.
3. Release the mouse button.

Use the Shift key to keep aspect ratio.
Use the Alt key to enforce a square proportion.

Handle (submenu)

Is the brush handle, which can have the following positions relative to the brush: Top Left, Top Right, Center, Lower Left, Lower Right and Custom Position which is a free defined position.
Set Custom Position allows you can set your own brush handle position:

1. Click on the canvas to start.
2. Hold the mouse button and move the mouse to the position, where you want to have the brush handle.
3. release the mouse button.

Free Transform

Activates the free transformation tool for the current brush.


Activates the transformation tooling for the current brush but limits interaction to skew functions only.

Rotate (submenu)

Rotates the current brush:
90° CCW rotates 90° counter clockwise
90° CW rotates 90° clockwise
180° rotates 180°

Free activates the transformation tooling for the current brush but limits interaction to rotation functions only.

Bend (submenu)

Allows you to bend the current brush.
Horizontal bends in left or right direction.
Vertical bends up or down

How to use:
1. Select either Horizontal or Vertical
2. Click on the canvas to start.
3. Hold the mouse button and move the mouse. You can see the shape that shows how the brush will be bent.
4. Release the mouse button.

Mirror (submenu)

Allows you to mirror the current brush.
Horizontal mirrors from left to right.
Vertical mirrors from top to bottom.

Halve, Double (submenu)

Halves or doubles the current brush size.
X halves or doubles the width.
Y halves or doubles the height.
XY modifies both width and height.

Border (submenu)

Outside or Inside creates an outside or inside border in the brush with the current first drawing color. The brush will now be a custom brush if it was a round, rectangular or text brush.
Outside Wipe or Inside Wipe do the same as previous functions but the brush content will be erased.

Shade (submenu)

Shade up or Shade down works like the paint mode "Multi Shade" but instead of working when you draw with the brush it shades the brush itself. That means, every pixel of the brush that is contained in a gradient enabled for multi shade will be shifted up or down to the next or previous color of that gradient.
See menu Mode, "Shade" and "Multi Shade".


It reduces the brush by its outer pixel row.

Make single Color

Makes the brush using the current first color only.


Makes the brush using a minimal width and height by finding the smallest bounding rectangle area where all non-transparent pixels are included. Outer transparent areas are removed.

Grab Frame as Brush

Copies the current frame to the brush.

AnimBrush (submenu)

This submenu contains functions for animated brushes.


Allows you to change the settings for animated brushes such as playback speed and direction or the number of frames to be taken into an animated brush.

Next Frame

Switches to the next frame of the animated brush.

Previous Frame

Switches to the previous frame of the animated brush.

First Frame

> Jumps to the first frame of the animated brush.

Last Frame

Jumps to the last frame of the animated brush.

Grab Frame Selection

Creates an animated brush from the current playback range selection.

Load AnimBrush

Opens the common dialog for loading files under Windows and enables you to select an animation that is to be loaded as animated brush.

Save AnimBrush

Opens the common dialog for saving files under Windows and enables you to enter a new filename for the current animated brush and to save it using one of the supported file types.

Change transparent Color

Lets you define a new transparent color for the current brush.

Set Second Color as transparent

The currently selected second drawing color will be used to define the transparent pixels of the brush. If the brush does not contain pixels of this color then it will turn fully opaque.

Remove Alpha

Removes the alpha plane from the brush to make it using simple transparency based on a transparent color definition. Useful when transferring image data from alpha to non alpha transparent projects.

Load Brush/Save Brush

Load or save a brush as a common image file.

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Last modified: 29 January 2023