Sprite Sheets

When creating animations to be used in game engines there is a special way to store animations called sprite sheet. This is simply an image file where all frames are placed horizontally in columns and vertically in rows:

You can save your animation as sprite sheet by using menu File/Save as Animation... and selecting one of the file types like BMP - Sprite Sheet or PNG - Sprite Sheet. They will store the frames into a single image based on the definitions you give as a layout.

When saving such a file then an extra ".asd.json" file is stored additionally with extra information like frame delays, key frames etc., see technical information page.

You can load a sprite sheet by using menu File/Load Animation.... If no extra information file is found then you will need to define the layout (columns and rows).

You can also turn an animation into a sprite sheet image project by using menu Animation/Create Sprite Sheet.

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Last modified: 29 January 2023