Sprite Sheet / AnimStrip settings

Single images that contain all animation frames side by side are called Sprite Sheets or AnimStrips. You can store an animation as sprite sheet file as Windows BMP or PNG using the "Save Animation as..." function from Menu File.
Normally a sprite sheet image should only be used for export purposes to use it with other software that support such formats. But you can also load such files if necessary. The problem is that such a file can only be loaded if the number of animation frame rows and columns within the image is known. Otherwise the frame positions within the image can not be calculated.

When Pro Motion stores an sprite sheet image file using the Windows BMP or PNG format then it stores some extra control data in the file header or in an additional .asd file that defines the number of frame rows and columns. Such an image file can directly be loaded again.
If you load and save the BMP/PNG file with another software then this information will get lost!
As soon as you open a BMP/PNG file as AnimStrip file and the frame rows/columns information can't be found then the following dialog appears:

sNow you must define how the animation frames can be located in the image.
Please notice that the image height must be a multiple of the rows value and that the image width must be a multiple of the columns value. MenuSelection.htm

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Last modified: 04 July 2020