Brush Picker Settings

When picking up a brush as rectangle or free hand drawn shape then you can define different options.

Select the layers that are to be picked up (visible, all, current). The contents are automatically merged into a single brush layer.

Select a desired Transparency Mode out of the following:
Second Color will define the color index that is currently selected as transparent within the brush.
Layer uses the layer transparent color as transparent.
Auto checks if all four corner points of a rectangular selection use the same color index. If they are equal then this colors is used as transparent.
No Transparency does not include transparency into the brush.

Assing brush grip will use the last mouse position as brush grip. If you e.g. use a box selection from top left to bottom right then you will hold the resulting brush at the bottom right corner after pick up.

Trim will minimize the brush size by removing outer transparent content.


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Last modified: 04 July 2020