Color Dialog

When changing color values of a color palette entry then this color dialog is always used (see palette editor and gradient editor)

Use the RGB sliders to change the Red, Green and Blue values of the color.

The HSB sliders change the values for the HSB color model where H=Hue (0..360°), S=Saturation (in %) and B=Brightness or Value (in %)

You can click on the color bars to choose a color directly.

The web color edit field helps you to edit, copy and paste web color codes.

The numbers besides the RGB fields define the number of different values that are used for this color channel.
Certain hardware types don't support 256 different values for a color channel, for example only 64 values (=6 bits).
To come closer to the resulting color values this hardware can display you may set the supported number of bits. Pro Motion will then restrict the color channel values accordingly. If you for example set 6 bits for the red channel, then you only have 64 different red values like 0, 4, 8, 12...252.
Please keep in mind that these restrictions only apply, if you change the colors using the palette or gradient editors. They won't affect colors loaded with images.
The channel settings can be applied using the project settings (see menu File).

The upper right color fields are presets. Store the current color with the right mouse button and select with the left one.

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Last modified: 31 March 2019