How to create animated Cursors or Icons

The size of animated cursors is restricted to be 32x32 pixels!

Create a new animation with a size of 32x32 and 1 frame via menu File/New Project....

You can set the special media type 'Animated Cursor'. By default a cursor will contain 256 colors. You may change this setting using the Settings tab with the sub-tab Icon/Cursor.

If it will be a 16 color cursor then you should load the special 16 color palette "Palettes\icon16.pal". It's a palette that contains the 16 predefined Windows colors only. Although the colors are repeated in the palette use the colors 0-15 for drawing! Do not change the values of these colors! Otherwise the cursor may not work under Win9x. If the cursor is to contain 256 colors, you may use any color palette.

A animated cursor can have a transparent color. Just enable transparency in the layer settings if required.

When working with 16 colors use one of the colors from 16-255 as transparent! The transparent areas are displayed as a white/gray checker pattern.

Instead of simple transparency you my also use alpha transparency.

Cursors can also have a hotspot. This is the sensitive mouse point. You can change the hotspot coordinates for a cursor in menu File->Project settings... section Cursor/Icon.

For saving animated cursors use the corresponding file type from the save animation dialog.

Creating Icons

If you want to create Windows Icons you can set the special media type 'Windows Icon'. Concerning number of colors and transparency you should work as described for cursors.

For saving a Windows Icon use the corresponding file type from the save image dialog.

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Last modified: 17 March 2017