Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used to quickly execute commands by pressing or holding the given key combination.
Hint: Instead of Ctrl + Alt you can use the key Alt Gr!

Almost all shortcuts can be modified in the preferences.

Brush commands

Previous Brush Frame 7
Next Brush Frame 8
AnimBrush Settings A
Halve Brush X and Y H
Outline O
Mirror horizontal X
Mirror vertical Y
Rotate 90° CCW Z
Single Pixel Brush (round) .
Animated Brush Playback: Stop Alt+0
Animated Brush Playback: Play forward Alt+9
Brush Grip: Center Alt+C
Brush Grip: Set custom Position Alt+H
Outline Invert Alt+O
Brush Grip: Top left Alt+X
Brush Grip: Lower right Alt+Y
Rotate 90° CW Alt+Z
Grab Frame as Brush Ctrl+A
Circle Brush 1 Ctrl+B
Shrink Ctrl+O
Play PingPong Shift+0
Play backward Shift+9
Restore to last captured Brush Shift+B
Make single Color Shift+D
Halve Brush Size X and Y Shift+H
Double Size X Shift+X
Double Size Y Shift+Y
Resize Shift+Z
Decrease Brush Size Shift+-
Single Pixel Brush (square) Shift+.
Increase Brush Size Shift++

Paint Modes

Paint F2
Brighten F3
Tint F5
Inc/Dec Hue F6
Inc/Dec Saturation F7
Invert F8
Difference F9
Halftone Alt+F1
Paint single Color Alt+F2
Formula Alt+F3
Emboss II Ctrl+F2
Shade Ctrl+F5
Replace Ctrl+F7
Smear Ctrl+F8
Blend Ctrl+F9
Erase Ctrl+F10
Selection Ctrl+F11
Translucent Shift+F1
Gray Shift+F3
High Pass Shift+F4
Soften Shift+F5
Soften more Shift+F6
Light Edges SE Shift+F7
Light Edges NW Shift+F8
Emboss I Shift+F9
Color Cycle Ctrl+Alt+F8
Multi Shade Ctrl+Alt+F9

Toolbox Commands

Pick up rectangular Brush / Cycle Pick up Mode B
Circle C
Paint Continous D
Flood Fill F
Lock Grid / Symmetry G
Clear K
Light Table On L
Edit current Gradient... Q
Rectangle R
Paint Single Dots S
Create Text T
Line V
Pipette ,
Anti Alias Alt+A
Freehand Brush Pick up Alt+B
Background fixed Alt+F
Rotated Elipse Alt+I
Mask on/off Alt+M
Move Canvas Alt+N
Temporary Pipette Ctrl
Redo All Ctrl+I
Magic Wand Brush Pickup Ctrl+M
Undo All Ctrl+U
Redo Ctrl+Y
Undo Ctrl+Z
Filled Circle Shift+C
Clear Settings Requester Shift+K
Filled Rectangle Shift+R
Crop Shift+W
Filled Rotated Elipse Ctrl+Alt+I
Adjust Light Table... Ctrl+Alt+L

Animation Control

Previous Frame 1
Next Frame 2
Loop Forward 4
Play Forward 5
Play PingPong 6
Set Animation Start 9
Set Animation End 0
Stop ESC
Previous Key Frame Alt+1
Background fixed Alt+2
Main Key Frame Alt+3
Toggle Key Frame Alt+4
Speed setting Ctrl+F
First Frame Shift+1
Last Frame Shift+2
Loop Backward Shift+4
Play Backward Shift+5


Zoom Out -
Zoom M
Center area under mouse cursor N
Swap Zoom Level W
Zoom In +
Move zoom area Cursorkeys
Jump To Right Border End
Jump To Left Border Home
Temporary Canvas Mover Space
Show Zoom Grid Alt+G
Zoom 1 Ctrl+0
Zoom 2 Ctrl+1
Zoom 3 Ctrl+2
Zoom 4 Ctrl+3
Zoom 5 Ctrl+4
Zoom 6 Ctrl+5
Zoom 7 Ctrl+6
Zoom 8 Ctrl+7
Zoom 9 Ctrl+8
Zoom 10 Ctrl+9
Move zoom area pagewise Shift+Cursorkeys
Jump To Top Border Shift+Home
Jump To Bottom Border Shift+End
Toggle Zoom Grid 1 Ctrl+Alt+F1
Toggle Zoom Grid 2 Ctrl+Alt+F2
Toggle Zoom Grid 3 Ctrl+Alt+F3
Toggle Zoom Grid 4 Ctrl+Alt+F4
Toggle Zoom Grid 5 Ctrl+Alt+F5
Toggle Zoom Grid 6 Ctrl+Alt+F6
Toggle Zoom Grid 7 Ctrl+Alt+F7


Select Layer Shift+T
Toggle Visibility of Alpha Plane Ctrl+Alt+A
Toggle Visibility of current Layer Ctrl+Alt+B
Toggle Layer Effects of visible Layers Ctrl+Alt+D
Toggle Layer Effects of current Layer Ctrl+Alt+E
Toggle Light Table for visible Layers Ctrl+Alt+F
Select previous Layer Ctrl+Alt+N
Select next Layer Ctrl+Alt+M
Toggle Visibility of Color Plane Ctrl+Alt+S
Toggle Light Table Tint Mode Ctrl+Alt+Z


Select next Color AKUT
Select transparency as Background Color Backspace
Select previous Color ß
Pipette: Replace Color Alt
Fill with Background Color Ctrl+Backspace
Pipette: select/unselect Color Shift
Swap Foreground/Background Color Shift+A
Flip Gradient Direction Shift+Q

Palette Editor - Edit Tab

Blacken Backspace
Gray G
Invert I
Create Gradient from Color Selection Q
Ramp RGB R
Flip X
Select all Ctrl+A
Copy Colors Ctrl+C
Select none Ctrl+D
Paste Colors Ctrl+V
Ramp HSB Shift + R
Invert Selection Shift+I

Palette Editor - RGB/HSB Tabs

Quick Copy C
Quick Swap S
Quick Ramp R

Tile Mapping

Activate Tile Selection Tool I
Show Tile Indexes Alt+D
Previous Tile Shift+F
Next Tile Shift+V
Toggle Create Duplicates Ctrl+Alt+7
Toggle Sync Mode Ctrl+Alt+8
Toggle Modify/Create Workflow Ctrl+Alt+9
Toggle Tile Map Edit Mode Ctrl+Alt+0
Check Integrity Shift+Ctrl+I

File I/O

Load Animation... Alt+L
Save Animation Alt+S
Load Project... Ctrl+L
Save Project Ctrl+S
Save Image Shift+S
Load Image... Shift+Ctrl+L


Copy Frame to Clipboard Ctrl+C
Paste Frame from Clipboard Ctrl+V
Cut Frame to Clipboard Ctrl+X
Insert Frame from Clipboard Ctrl+Alt+V
Copy Brush to Clipboard Shift+Ctrl+C
Get Brush from Clipboard Shift+Ctrl+V

Stereo Drawing

Decrease Stereo Draw Delta Alt+Q
Increase Stereo Draw Delta Alt+W
Enable 3D Interlace View Ctrl+Alt+G
Stereo Drawing Mode Smart Copy Ctrl+Alt+H
Stereo Drawing Mode Clone Ctrl+Alt+J
Enable 3D Red Cyan View Ctrl+Alt+K
Stereo Drawing Mode Copy Ctrl+Alt+U


Second Color 3
Quick Selection E
Swap Frame with Spare Frame J
Simulate right Mouse Button P
Full Screen U
Decrease Paint Move Value
Delete Frame Del
Insert Frame Ins
Show Layers F10
Show Animation Window F11
Show Palette F12
Lock Pressure F4
Switch gradient cycling on/off Numpad*
Next Project PgDn
Previous Project PgUp
Save Positions/Sizes (Alternative) Alt+E
Copy Spare Frame to Frame Alt+J
(Un)Center Animation Window Alt+V
Restore Position/Sizes (Alternative) Ctrl+E
Copy Frame to Spare Frame Ctrl+J
New Project... Ctrl+N
Delete Frames Ctrl+Del
Close Project Ctrl+F4
Save Positions/Sizes Shift+E
Next Gradient Shift+I
Load/append as single Images... Shift+L
Create Animation... Shift+M
Place Symmetry Center Shift+P
Previous Gradient Shift+U
Increase Paint Move Value Shift+
Show Brush Container Shift+F12
Scroll Frame Data Down Ctrl+Alt+4
Open Project List Ctrl+Alt+O
Single Pixel Cursor Ctrl+Alt+P
Remove Pixel Column Ctrl+Alt+X
Remove Pixel Row Ctrl+Alt+Y
Restore Positions/Sizes Shift+Ctrl+E
Save all modified Files Shift+Ctrl+S
Insert Pixel Column Shift+Ctrl+X
Insert Pixel Row Shift+Ctrl+Y
Activate Dither/Halftone Shift+F2

The Alt-key has certain meanings for different tools:

· by leftclicking on a pixel all pixels of this color will be replaced by the current foreground color
· when clicking with the right mouse button, the background color is used instead

Dotted/Continuous Painting/Line Tool
· starts AnimPainting where you advance through the frames while drawing

· switches between circle<>ellipse or square<>rectangle

Brush Resizing
· switches between proportional (keeping aspect ratio) and free stretching

Fill Tool
· all following animation frames are filled too

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Last modified: 31 March 2019