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The layering system can be used to separate your image or animation into pieces displayed upon another. Please have a look at the layer primer to learn more about layers and it's use.

New Animation Layer

Adds a new layer on top of the active one that has individual contents per frame.

New Image Layer

Adds a new layer on top of the active one that use the same image contents for all frames. It's a static image layer.

Edit Properties...

Opens a dialog to edit basic options of the active layer such as transparency or the layer name.


Deletes the currently active layer.


Creates a copy of the active layer.

Merge down

Merges the currently active layer to the one that is below.

Flatten visible Layers

Merges all visible layers into one. If layers does not use 100% opacity or has layer effects or blending modes enabeld then then a settings dialog may appear to let you specify how to deal with colors.

Alpha Plane

Defines if the project may use alpha transparency. See Alpha Primer for details.

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Last modified: 04 July 2020