Menu Selection

This menu contains functions for painting with a selection mask. A selection will protect pixels from being modified. It can also be used to exclude pixels when capturing a brush. You can define a selection per pixel or based on color definitions (stencil).

Select all

Includes all pixels in the selection. This way all pixels can be modified.

Select none

Excludes all pixels in the selection. This way no pixel can be modified.

Select non-transparent Pixels

Excludes all pixels that are fully transparent or use the project background color.

Select Pixels with current Coor

Selects all pixels that use the currently selected color.

Invert Selection

Pixels that are included in the selection will be excluded and vice versa.


If you have an active selection then you can modify it to better work on different styles of borders. Use one of the corresponding sub menu entries. They use different settings such as size or shape style.
Grow lets you increase the size of the current selection by adding a given number of surrounding pixels.
Shrink reduces the size of the current selection by removing a given number of outside pixels.
Inside Border selects a given number of outer pixels of the current selection only. It will make your selection hollow by retaining the given pixels form the outside.
Outside Border adds a given number of outer pixels of the current selection and removes the initial selection.

Show Selection Area

Displays black/white lines at the borders between selected and unselected pixels.

Load/Save Stencil

File input/output for stencil settings.

Create Selection by Drawing

This option just selects the paint mode "Selection" to let you draw the selection mask using all drawing tools. You can activate this mode temporarily by holding the "E" key and start drawing. If you just tip the "E" key shortly then you can select/deselect colors that are to be used with the selection.

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Last modified: 05 July 2020