New Project

This Dialog is displayed when creating a new animation or image project.

When creating a new project you can choose of different predefined media types:

·Unspecified / any Graphic does not define any default settings.
·Tile Maps creates a new tile map project where your images are built from tiles in a tile library. See Tile Mapping Primer for further information
·Animated GIF just defines that an animation is stored as GIF file when it is to be saved (menu File->Save Animation).
·Animated Cursor defines that an animation is stored as ANI (Windows cursor) file when it is to be saved (menu File->Save Animation). Also the width and height is limited to 32 pixels.
·Windows Icon defines that an image is stored as ICO (Windows icon) file when it is to be saved (menu File->Save Image). Also the width and height is limited to be 256 pixels maximum.
·Bitmap Font is used to create images used as a bitmap font. See Bitmap Fonts for further information

Define the Width and Height for the new image or animation and set the Number of Frames you need. Tile map projects define their dimensions as number of tiles where you additionally set up tile width and height in pixels.

Brush size uses the current brush's width/height and if it's an animated brush the number of frames it contains.

History contains a list of recently used project sizes (width x height : frames).

Predefined shows resolutions that are predefined in the file "resolutions.txt" which can be found in the folder where the software is installed. It is a simple text file where you can enter values like width x height : frames.

Keep current color palette uses the color palette that is currently active as default palette for the new project.

Check Use Alpha Transparency if you want your project to support an alpha plane. See Alpha Primer for further information.

Background enables you to define the initial background color for the project. Additionally you can set the background to be transparent if you don't use alpha transparency. The default background color can be White, Black or a user defined color from the default palette (This palette entry:).
The background color is stored in the project settings. Certain functions like anti aliasing or soften will mix with the background color at the graphic edges. When you take care of having a background color that can simulate the color level of background graphics then it integrates better when used as an overlay / sprite.
Load Image / Load Animation can be used to create a new project from an image/animation file.

Load single images can be used to create a new animation project from single image files.

Use Brush creates a new project from the current brush.

From Clipboard creates a new project from image data located in the clipboard, if any.

Settings define different options for the new project. See project settings for details.

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Last modified: 17 March 2017