What is Pro Motion?

Pro Motion is a drawing and animation package for pixel art. You can use it to create game graphics, animated GIFs, icons, comics, logos, static images or clip-arts as well as for creating graphics for your web-pages.
The graphics are strictly indexed. That means every pixel uses a certain entry of a color palette.

It is especially useful for creating game graphics or to light weight bitmaps for browser games.
The wide range of powerful functions and tools will help you to create animations in short time.
Pro Motion focuses on drawing graphics at pixel level and is optimized for work flows in that type of graphic creation.

Professional artists will find useful tools like layering or onion skinning to create smooth animations or to work with multi layer graphics.
You can bring your ideas down to sketches easily. Pro Motion was designed similar to the legendary Deluxe Paint which became very popular on the Amiga computer systems.

To give you a basic overview, here are some features:
  • a layer engine that can be used to lay several images/animations upon another supporting merging, layer effects and blending
  • dozens different painting methods like invert, smoothing, color cycling, shade, brighten and more including optional ordered dithering. You can even define own paint modes with mathematical formulas.
  • selection/masking to prevent certain areas of being modified. You can draw your selection mask with tools like circle, line, rectangle...
  • drawing grid to display any box or shape forms like isometric grid
  • dozens of drawing tools (lines, curves, polygons, spray can...)
  • pixel perfect drawing that removes smeared pixels automatically
  • pixel size definition for non square pixels
  • different filling methods for color shading
  • functions to create tile based textures easily (seamless tiles)
  • powerful color palette editor to copy/swap/move single colors or ranges, modify HSL or RGB, web color code support
  • gradient engine for linear or individual color groups. Including halftone options to increase the virtual color depth or pattern effects
  • animations with different delays between frames, ideal for animated GIFs
  • alpha transparency or simple transparency based on a transparent color
  • load and save Sprite Sheet/AnimStrips (BMP and PNG with animation frames)
  • built in tile map/tile set edit function
  • Onion skinning to draw smooth animation steps (also known as onion skinning) or to work with project layers
  • unlimited undo/redo
  • anti aliasing
  • animated brushes (use a brush which is an animation itself)
  • a basic system, which helps you creating 3d-Animations based on a 2d-image
  • brush container to work with different brushes at the same time
  • special functions to help creating graphics for legit computers such as C64 (color constraints)
  • brush manipulation (bend, shear, stretch...)
  • 24bit support via JPEG, BMP, TGA, PNG files or the Windows Clipboard
  • a simple file format for sprite graphics, usable by game developers

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Last modified: 04 July 2020