This is a snapshot of the Pro Motion workspace.
To get more information about certain controls and windows just click on them.

Paint Mode Area

In this area you find foreground and background color selectors as well as a transparency selector to draw with a transparent color. If using alpha transparency you can set up the opacity that is used for drawing. For mor information about alpha please read the alpha primer.

Gradient Panel

The gradient panel displays the currently selected gradient which is a defined range of colors within the color palette. They can be used for different drawing effects, to adjust brihgtness and contrast or for color cycling. See the gradient editor for more information.
Double click to choose different gradients.
The icon buttons can be used to flip the color order, enable color cycling, start color cycling playback and enable the gradient for multi shade paint mode.

Information Panel

The information panel provides you different information about the brush size and the brush positions (top left, center, lower right) as well as dimensions when you draw an object (e.g. a rectangle).

Control Panel

Indicator and switches for several projects options quickly:
Alpha transparency... click to enable/disable Alpha Layer
Global color palette... equal Palettes for all frames (global palette). Click to change
Active Stencil... indicates if a stencil is enabled and the mask is active. (see also palette window)
Active spare frame... if highlighted then a spare frame is defined for the current project (see also menu frame)
Define mouse wheel behavior and pen pressure settings .

Tile Mapping Panel

Here you can find options and functions when using tile map projects. Tile maps are images made up of small tiles of a certain size, e.g. 8x8 or 16x16 pixels. An image is then built by an underlying map that contains tile numbers that refer to a list of defined tiles (tile library).
Please read the tile mapping primer for more information.

Magnify Window

The magnify window is mainly used to draw and to zoom into the image. The zoom level can be selected using the slider at the lower left.
You can lock the zoom value to a minimum of 1:1 using the check box on the left.
Use the options icon in the window's title bar to access different options:
You may select a pixel aspect ratio. That means that a pixel is not displayed as a square but can also have a 2:1 size relation. This is useful for creating C64 style images or to create textile patterns.
The option Indicator layer is only available in connection with the color tile mapping functions.
Pan around canvas enables you to move the canvas corners into the center of the screen.

Lower Control Panel

The lower control area divides into the project tabs area, the controls for animation and the status line.
The project tabs can be used to switch between different projects. The animation controls are described here.
The status line displays information about the selected tool and how to use it.
It is also used to display the progress if an operation takes some time.

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Last modified: 17 March 2017