This documentation comes with the installed software and is also available online. You can get context sensitive help for a certain dialog you have questions about by just pressing the "F1" key. Then the documentation for this dialog is opened.

Getting started

What is "Pro Motion"?
Getting started
The workspace
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Working with Layers
Alpha Transparency
Pattern Drawing
Halftone and Transition Patterns
Tile Mapping
Bitmap Fonts
Stereo Drawing

The Main Menu Entries

Click on the menu names to get detailed information about the containing functions.

File Contains functions for general file and project management as well as the preferences.
Edit Exchange image and brush data with other external software.
Brush Here you find brush manipulation and creation tools.
Mode The mode menu contains paint mode functions, for example erase, brighten, shade, gray etc. .
Frame Functions to manage frames and key frames as well as frame size. Flip and scroll frame contents.
Animation Here you find different functions concerning the animation management ranging from playback modes to automated creation of animated sequences.
Layers Define layers for your image/animation and use onion skinning for smooth movements.
Colors Optimize, arrange and modify your color tables with this group of functions.
Selection Define a selection to prevent certain image areas from being modified. Includes the color based selection called stencil.
Processing Additional processing functions. Currently you can activate the pattern drawing that helps you drawing infinite, seamless patterns.
Tile Mapping Create tile maps that can be used for level design in games.
Plugins Installed plugins can be executed via the plugins menu.
Options Several options can be set to your convenience. Arrange windows and save their positions to make your workspace fit your needs.
Help The online help system.

Additional Information

Technical information

Further information sources

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Last modified: 04 July 2020