AnimBrush Settings

Allows you to change the settings for animated brushes (=brush containing an animation) such as playback speed and direction or the number of frames to be taken into an animated brush. These settings can be found in the Menu Brush.

Animate shows the direction for the AnimBrush playback (backward, none, forward, ping-pong, random).

Frames to grab defines the number of frames that are to be taken up into the animated brush when it is created. For information on how create an animated brush please have a look at the Brush Picker in the toolbox.

Animation Step describes the frames that have to be used while playback (1=each, 2=each second, 3=each third ...).

With Current Frame you can jump to a certain frame of the current AnimBrush.

Rewind after drawing sets the animated brush frame back to the initial one if you release the mouse button after drawing with an AnimBrush (e.g. with the line tool).

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Last modified: 29 January 2023